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Readers Respond: My Worst Laundry Disaster

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From the article: Correct Laundry Mistakes
We've all had them - pink underwear, shrunken wool sweater, melted crayons - laundry disasters. Share your story and how you solved it or at least the lessons you learned!

Oil Stains after use of Dryel

Dryel should be discontinued. Their customer services is not helpful.
—Guest Plaintiff

Set In Oil Stains on T-Shirts

HELP! How do I remove set in olive oil stains from my t-shirts. I spill all sorts of little food stuff on the shelf created by my breasts. Sometimes I don't notice oil stains until after I launder the shirts and now three of my favorite t-shirts have little oil spots on their fronts and are actually only wearable around the house.

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