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Readers Respond: My Worst Laundry Disaster

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From the article: Correct Laundry Mistakes
We've all had them - pink underwear, shrunken wool sweater, melted crayons - laundry disasters. Share your story and how you solved it or at least the lessons you learned! Share Your Story

Oil Stains after use of Dryel

Dryel should be discontinued. Their customer services is not helpful.
—Guest Plaintiff

old stains

terrible old stains on shirts and tops. trying to move these articles along but the stains. tried dawn, bleach on whiter items. feel these aren't bad clothing items but hate to send spots to others also.
—Guest kathleen tokos

Jersey numbers damaged in the dryer

Try placing parchment paper on top of the number and using a "dry" temp setting on an iron to press it.
—Guest Terri Blocker

lint filters on washers

The washer I have has no lint filter. I've had it cleaned so many times the repairman says "no-more". Now I have lint & gunk all over clothes. My 1st washer had built-in filter. There was never anything. What a shame!!
—Guest Billie Sizer

"High Efficiency" in new Kenmores aren't

My new Kenmore "High Efficiency" will not provide enough water during the wash cycle to dissolve either dirt or detergent. Their repairman told me they will not work "for people with pets", and charged me $136 to tell me that interesting fact. Then, on the Sears "complain"website, they link you to a site that charges $26.00 to file a complaint!!! Perhaps only 50% of Americans have pets, so that market is gone for Sears "High Efficiency"... and maybe some of those have long hair or children with long hair. Presumably this Kenmore "High Efficiency" is meant to be marketed only to bald old men who stay home all day, are continent, and never encounter dirt. The Sears Corporate offices had sent the repairman, telling me that I was under warranty and there would be no charge. Their repairman billed me because there was nothing he could do! By the way,their matching dryer has an upside-down lint trap which spreads lint all over the floor or back into the machine when emptied! Absurd

Puppy Accidents

Okay, I got to it!Puppies are sometimes too young to hold their bowles and bladder. Crating is a good idea for the first couple of months. The pup will still have accidents but it's easier if they are in a contained space. Your puppy will probably start understanding the house breaking thing when it reaches about 12 weeks. You might invest in those puppy pads in the interim. They apparently work pretty well keeping them in one area to poop and pee. I adore puppies, but they are just as hard as babies but don't wear diapers!
—Guest mHIsh5So73j

HE User

I clean my washer as directed and my clothes still do not come out clean. In fact some items still have detergent on them. So why are my clothes not coming clean.
—Guest judy

Your belt popped off

I had the same problem. I read that if you rotate the drum on the opposite direction, the belt is prone to popping off. Search for you model number on Youtube. There is a video that will show you how to access the dryer via the vent panel, so you can reattach your belt. In my case, the belt popped off AND it was damaged and in need of replacement. Apparently this is a common problem with this model. Good luck!
—Guest Mitch

baby formula stains

I have used powered dishwasher soap to clean old stains. Make a paste, rub it in and rinse within a few minutes. Don't leave on or it will bleach any color.
—Guest Cheryl

How to Remove Color Bleeding from Silk

Hello, Thank you very much for your kind reply & guidance. I have one further question. By soaking my silk printed blouse in the Mix solution of oxygen-based bleach (OxiClean, Clorox 2, Country Save Bleach, Purex 2 Color Safe Bleach) and cool water - will this "bleach" out the other colours on the printed blouse ? I am very worried. Also I live in Singapore, I don't think we have the oxygen bleach you mentioned. There is a brand called "Vanish" - is it the same as what you have mentioned ? Thank you in advance for your further guidance.... Cheryl.
—Guest Cheryl


—Guest jodi

Set In Oil Stains on T-Shirts

HELP! How do I remove set in olive oil stains from my t-shirts. I spill all sorts of little food stuff on the shelf created by my breasts. Sometimes I don't notice oil stains until after I launder the shirts and now three of my favorite t-shirts have little oil spots on their fronts and are actually only wearable around the house.

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My Worst Laundry Disaster

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