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What Causes Yellow Stains on Laundry

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By xx11

My Laundry Question


Ive been having problems over the last year or so with small yellow spots on my laundry... Its ruined countless shirts, blouses, bedding...any ideas?

Share a Little Background Info

Ive looked into rust in my washer....I have a new one now but the problem still persists....

Ive checked the water in the iron....but it happens on clothes that i dont even iron.

Ive looked at moths or flies getting in the wardrobe..the clothes have spots before they are put away.

Lessons Learned

  • After speaking to other mums and looking at forums on the internet, the only common factor i can find is the wash powder..Bold 2 in 1...anyone else have a better answer?

Mary Marlowe Leverette, About.com Laundry & Laundry Rooms, says:

Don't these little things drive you crazy? I'm afraid you'll need to be a detective to find the cause of the yellow stains. You've looked at several things but here are some more:

  • Take a flashlight and look carefully in your washer and dryer to see if you find a rust spot or something loose that is rusty. Also check door seals and clean them if needed.
  • Check your clothesline or folding dryer rack for rusty areas.
  • The stains may be caused by sunscreen, cosmetics with sun protection, acne medicines, vitamins or medical creams. If these are used with a wash cloth and then the wash cloth comes in contact with clothes, the stains can be transferred.
  • Does your clothes hamper have any rusty areas.
  • Do you hang your clothes outside to dry? Pollen stains can be powerful.
  • Do you store your clothes in a direct sunlight area? Yellowing can happen to stains that are exposed to sunlight.
  • Do you use chlorine bleach? Overbleaching can cause yellow stains.
  • Is your water heater rusty? Do you have high iron content in your water?

    I don't think your detergent is causing the problem but only you can be the detective! Use an oxygen-based bleach to soak the stained areas UNLESS you determine that the problem is your water/water heater. If so, you'll need to buy bottled water to prevent the stains from happening again.

    Good luck!

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