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Mystery Stains on Dri-Fit Clothes

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By counselor29

My Laundry Question

On my dri-fit material shirts and pants, I sometimes get what I call "shadow stains" with no rhyme or reason as to why.

Share a Little Background Info

After washing and drying, when I am hanging items up is when I usually notice them, sometimes I don't notice them until I go to put them on. They are hard to spot sometimes unless held up to good lighting or fully stretched out.

Lessons Learned

  • I rewash them, sometimes it helps, usually it doesn't. I end up taking to dry cleaners.

Fabric Content of Item (if appropriate)


Mary Marlowe Leverette, About.com Laundry & Laundry Rooms, says:

To discover what could be causing your stains, I'll start with how you do laundry.

  • Do you pour detergent directly onto the dry clothes? This can cause "staining". Always add the detergent as the washer fills with water and then add the clothes.
  • Do you add fabric softener to the wash? Fabric softener that does not disperse completely can cause stains.
  • Do you use dryer sheets or a dryer bar? These can cause "stains" if the clothes stay in contact with the sheets or bar too long.
  • When you discover the stains do you pretreat them before washing again? Always use an enzyme based stain remover on the the "stains" before you rewash the garment.

    If this information doesn't help you, please send a photo and more information about the stains and I'll be happy to help.

    Good luck!

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