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How to Remove Poison Ivy Oils from Leather Boots

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By al bauer

My Laundry Question

how would you treat the inside of leather boots that are suspected of poison ivy oil contamination?

Share a Little Background Info

8-9 months ago (Fall 2011) I believe I got poison ivy oil inside one of my leather boots while landscaping the yard. The rash occurred only from the left boot. I believe the oil is still active. I recently wore the boots again, and the rash re-occurred on the same foot, in the same area, near the ankle, in the same boot as last Fall.

Lessons Learned

  • I've tried drying the boots in direct sunlight for 8 hrs, and repeated same, but that obviously didn't help.

Fabric Content of Item (if appropriate)

Exterior of boot is leather , with synthetic mesch liner.

Mary Marlowe Leverette, About.com Laundry & Laundry Rooms, says:

Poison ivy oils can last a long time unless you clean an item well. For leather, dip a clean white rag in isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Wear a rubber or latex glove and thoroughly wipe down the interior and exterior areas of your leather boots. You may need to use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to reach all the small areas. Allow the boots to dry completely and then treat with a leather conditioner.

Don't forget your clothes! Learn how to remove poison ivy oils safely from clothes.

Good luck!

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