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How to Remove Ink from Rayon/Polyester Shirt

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By KaiserinV

How to Remove Ink from Rayon/Polyester Shirt

Undesired toddler "artwork" in blue ball point pen

My Laundry Question

Can you please help me remove a blue ball point pen ink stain from a 70% rayon, 30% polyester shirt? I haven't tried washing it yet, afraid of setting it.

Share a Little Background Info

My two-year-old got a hold of a ball point pen, and the shirt, and started "writing." Fortunately, he's not very strong, so it's a relatively shallow stain, but still very visible, and in a prominent spot on the shirt.

Lessons Learned

  • All sorts of websites and peoples' anecdotes suggest using hair spray, yet I've read that hair spray used to work as a stain remover only because of the high alcohol content it used to have. For what it's worth, my hair spray does have alcohol listed third in the ingredients. However, I've also read not to use alcohol on rayon.
  • The shirt didn't cost much to begin with, so I'd prefer to keep the cost of cleaning the stain under $10 if possible.

Fabric Content of Item (if appropriate)

70% rayon, 30% polyester

Mary Marlowe Leverette, About.com Laundry & Laundry Rooms, says:

Don't we love two-year-olds! Mine liked to "write" in books like Mommy. You can simply follow the steps for removing ink using isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. It will work perfectly safely on rayon/polyester. The key is to work quickly and tightly so the ink doesn't spread. Wash as usual right away and your shirt should be saved!

Good luck!

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