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How to Remove Fleas from Clothing

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By M.R

My Laundry Question

How do you remove fleas from clothes, I've been washing them at 60-90 degrees and have now started to tumble dry also but still the issue continues, Im desperate to end this problem which has taken over my life for over 4 months now any support would be greatly appreciated.

Share a Little Background Info

Clothes became contaminated after moving into an apartment.

The apartment was treated twice the problem continued, eventually I moved out discarding of furniture and all my clothing I'm now in new accommodation and I can't believe I still have this issue, the pest control guy who treated the apartment identified the bugs as cat fleas but I'm now not so sure given that they should die in a hot wash

Lessons Learned

  • Washing at 60-90 degrees tumble drying( just starting that process no success as yet)
  • steaming
  • shell flour

Mary Marlowe Leverette, About.com Laundry & Laundry Rooms, says:

You are having trouble. Fleas, their larvae and eggs cannot withstand a trip through the washing machine at any temperature. Using a dryer at high heat will also kill any infestation on washable clothes. I have a feeling that something else in your home is still contaminated and the fleas are getting back on your clothes and linens. If you have dry clean only clothes, they should be taken to a professional cleaner. To prevent reinfestion of any clean clothes, place the clean clothes in a sealable plastic tub until you can rid your home completely of the fleas.

Good luck!

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