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How to Remove Dryer Sheet Stains from Sheets

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By Linda Kelleher

My Laundry Question

I am having a problem with dryer sheets marking sheets and I am having trouble getting them out.

Share a Little Background Info

I am having a problem with the dryer sheets leaving a greasy looking residue on our sheets. I have tried dish soap on each spot, goo gone and some other products, oxi clean, I believe. Anyways, nothing is working. I purchased a new set of sheets and didn't realize it was the dryer sheets until this last set of sheets are now marked as well. Can you help me? I run a guest house and I need to get this issue fixed asap.

Lessons Learned

  • I shared this above. I have tried dish soap, goo gone, Oxi clean. I don't know what else to try. I have applied each of the products dirrectly on the spots. Each time i have laundered them, there is more.

Fabric Content of Item (if appropriate)

Cotton blend.

Mary Marlowe Leverette, About.com Laundry & Laundry Rooms, says:

I am sorry you are having the problems. You are actually doing what I would advise...treat each stain with a bar of soap, dishwashing detergent or a stain removal product. I am assuming that you no longer use dryer sheets. However, are you now using liquid fabric softener? It can cause the same problems and there may be new stains appearing each time.

If you no longer use either, it may be time to clean your washer and dryer (wipe down inside with rubbing alcohol and then rinse with clean sponge) thoroughly to remove any residue that may be depositing on your laundry.

To clean those stains, keep working at them and wash only a few sheets at a time in hot water to be sure that they have plenty of exposure to the laundry detergent and hot water.

Good luck!

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