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How to Remove Concrete Stains from Clothes

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By KelM

How to Remove Concrete Stains from Clothes

One of his newer shirts

How to Remove Concrete Stains from Clothes

His older shirt

My Laundry Question

My partner pumps concrete every day and I cannot figure out an inexpensive way to get the concrete dust, grease and stains out. I have tried everything. White vinegar, preen, presoakers, additives. Please help.

Share a Little Background Info

My partner works as a concrete pumper. All of his clothes come home full of concrete, concrete dust and grease. No matter what I do I can't manage to reduce the stains and I can wash the clothes 1000000000000 times but still don't appear to be clean.

Lessons Learned

  • vinegar
  • Preen oxy action
  • Napisan
  • Presoakers
  • Hot water
  • Warm water
  • Cold water.
  • Everything but burning the clothes

Fabric Content of Item (if appropriate)

Hi visibility shorts, denim, board shorts and socks

Mary Marlowe Leverette, About.com Laundry & Laundry Rooms, says:

Concrete stains are very difficult to remove. My first suggestion to the company he works for is to purchase different colored shirts! A darker grey shirt will prevent the stains from being so obvious.

You may never be able to remove the old stains that are already set on the clothes because they have been heat set by the dryer. But here's how to tackle fresh stains:

In a plastic tub, mix a solution of water and oxygen-based bleach. Follow the package directions as to how much product per gallon of water. Have your partner place the soiled clothes in the solution immediately after work each day. Allow them to soak overnight or until you are ready to do a load of laundry.

To treat the concrete stains, use a mineral-remover cleaner like Lime Away or CLR that has been diluted with water. These cleaners are very strong and you will need to wear rubber gloves. Carefully pretreat the stained areas. Rub in lightly and let it work for at least five minutes and then wash using a heavy duty detergent and warm or hot water. Add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to the final rinse.

Good luck!

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