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Does Woolite Make an HE Detergent?

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By caroll broadnax

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I wash all types of clothes

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I don't have a question about stains - just about the HE laundry detergents. I have a top loader and just asking about the laundry detergents what is the best to use in a top loader and is Woolite detergent ok to use and if so what brand of Woolite.

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I have a top loader he washing machine. I am using Arm and Hammer HE detergent. Is this the best to use for this machine? Also, does Woolite have a detergent for HE washing machines? I have not seen any in the store that are marked for HE. Thank you for your response

Mary Marlowe Leverette, About.com Laundry & Laundry Rooms, says:

A top load he machine is a great choice - simple and familiar to operate but still energy efficient. Arm & Hammer he is a good choice and you can read more about using he detergents and get product reviews here.

Woolite does make detergent formulated for high-efficiency machines. You should not use "regular Woolite" because you may get too many suds and cause not only an overflow into your laundry room, but damage to the workings of your high-efficiency machine. You can see the varieties and purchase Woolite he here.

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