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How to Store Summer Clothes


How to Store Summer Clothes

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When it’s time to bring out fall and winter clothes, it’s important to store your summer clothing correctly so it will be ready to go when warm weather comes around again.

Prepare before you store

Now is the perfect time to clean the closet or storage area you’ll be using for storage. Clean and vacuum the closet to remove dust, dirt and insects. If you suspect mold, mildew or insect infestation, take steps to kill the mold with a bleach solution and do some pest control.

For fabric storage bags, give them a quick run through the washing machine to remove dust and mold spores. If you’re using plastic containers for storage, clean with a disinfectant cleaner. The box must be made of cast polypropylene to be safe for clothing storage. Look for the #5 within the recycling triangle or the letters “PP” to be sure that you have the correct type of box.Line the container with a clean 100 percent cotton sheet or acid-free tissue paper to keep fragile items from touching the plastic container.

Sort through your clothing before you store them. If you didn’t wear it during the past season, you won’t wear it next year. For kids'clothing that will be too small next year, prepare a bag of clothes to hand down, give them to charity or consign the clothing for sale.

Clean and fold

All clothing should be laundered or cleaned. Small amounts of food or soil may not be visible but can become stains that are difficult to remove. Stains can also attract insects, so get everything cleaned. Don’t use starch or sizing on items about to be stored because they also attract insects.

It is best to roll the clothing rather than fold it. Rolling will prevent hard creases from forming - especially if you stuff the box full!

Store the clothing in a cool, even temperature, well-ventilated area away from artificial or natural light. Avoid attics, damp basements and garages.

You’ll be glad you took some time now to store summer clothes correctly when that first warm day hits next spring.

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