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How to Store a Necktie Properly


How to Store a Necktie Properly

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As everyone knows, neckties are expensive. Learning to store them properly will see them through their current fashion cycle and beyond. Remember, they'll be back in style one day! Proper storage is important to protect the fibers from breaking and to protect the color and finish of the tie.

Ties can be hung with the suit they accessorize they are easy to find each time you wear the suit. Hang the tie over the trousers so it is not touching the hanger. Let the tie rest for at least three days before you wear it again.

Knitted or crocheted ties should be stored flat. Silk, polyester or wool ties can be rolled loosely around your hand and stored in a drawer or in a shallow covered storage box. Keep your valuable neckties out of sunlight. It will damage the color and weaken the fabric.

Travel Storage

When packing for a trip, fold the tie into fourths and slip it inside the pocket of the suit jacket. Or, roll the tie and use a small box tucked in the corner of your luggage to prevent wrinkling. When you arrive at your destination, hang the tie on the bathroom door before you take your shower. The steam will freshen the tie and relax any wrinkles that may have formed.

Tie Preservation Tips

To help ties last, prevention is far better than a cure in this case.

  • Do not tie knots too tightly.
  • Always untie the tie after it has been worn.
  • Treat stains promptly.
  • Never iron a tie that has a stain and be sure to iron properly.
  • Allow ties to rest for three days between wearings.

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