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Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Bleach Free and Clear - Laundry Product Review

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Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Bleach Free and Clear - Laundry Product Review

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The Bottom Line

A safe for all fabrics, chlorine free bleach that works well in removing stains and brightening laundry.
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  • Fragrance and dye free.
  • Peforms well in cold and warm water.


  • No measuring cap.
  • More expensive than other commercially produced products.


  • Hypoallergenic Chlorine Free Bleach.
  • Contains no perfumes and dyes.
  • Safe for all washable fabrics.

Guide Review - Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Bleach Free and Clear - Laundry Product Review

Seventh Generation is a company based on providing environmentally-friendly household products. It's name comes from the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy, "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." Their website offers multiple pages of information about their products, mission, coupons and even a Seventh Generation nation you can join to share your thoughts.

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Bleach Free & Clear is available in 64 oz./21 load bottles. The bleach is formulated to work in regular or high-efficiency washers and is free and clear of dyes and fragrances. All Seventh Generation products are non-toxic and biodegradable, free of phosphates & optical brighteners, safe for septic & greywater systems, Kosher-certified; not tested on animals nor contain animal ingredients. The plastic bottles can be recycled and contain a minimum of 25% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Every product has a full listing of ingredients on the label as well as an explanation of what each ingredient does. You can also find the ingredients and Material Data Safety Sheets on their website. Chlorine Free Bleach Free and Clear contains:

  • Hydrogen peroxide (bleaching agent)
  • Oxygen Bleach Stabilizer
  • Deionized water

According to the package directions, 3 oz. of the bleach should be added into the washing machine as it fills with water or use the washing machine bleach dispenser and then add the laundry. You'll find that oxygen-based bleaches perform at their best if clothing is allowed to soak in the solution before adding detergent. But, if you are in a rush, there is no harm in adding detergent and starting the washing process right away. Oxygen-based bleaches are safe for all washable fabrics.

I use non-chlorine bleach often to whiten, brighten and remove stains in laundry. I found this product to work well in both cold and warm water. Adding a measuring cap as the lid would make it much more simple. I had to find a measuring cup before I could do the washing. No one should trust their eye-balling when adding bleach or detergent. My laundry came out stain-free and bright.

Seventh Generation products are widely available in grocery and mass merchandise stores. They can also be ordered online. Cost per use is higher than most commercially-produced non-chlorine bleach.

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