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PitStop Underarm Stain Remover - About.com Laundry Guide Review

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PitStop Underarm Stain Remover - About.com Laundry Guide Review

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The Bottom Line

PitStop works well to remove yellow underarm stains. It is very important to follow directions carefully.
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  • Removes yellow underarm stains from clothing.


  • Must be used with caution, highly toxic.
  • Available only online.


  • A powerful stain remover for yellow underarm stains.
  • Must be used carefully, the ingredients are highly toxic.
  • Available only online.

Guide Review - PitStop Underarm Stain Remover - About.com Laundry Guide Review

"How do I remove yellow underarm stains?" is one of the most frequently asked questions on this site. Those unsightly stains don't occur because you are unhygienic or are bad at laundry. They are a build-up of the aluminum in most anti-perspirants and your body salts.

There are home remedies for yellow underarm stains using a bit of elbow grease, baking soda and peroxide. And, now there is a commercial product, PitStop, ready to tackle those stains. PitStop is a product of Pharmworks LLC. I was unable to find any information on the company, but you can direct questions to aantine@gmail.com, 1-888-771-0475. The cost is $12.50 per 12 oz. bottle with $8.00 shipping and handling.

The active ingredients are:

  • sodium hydroxide, also known as lye or caustic soda
  • cocamidopropyl betine, a synthetic surfactant derived from coconut oil and dimethylaminopropylamine
  • EDTA or Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, a polyamino carboxylic acid

    Inactive ingredients:

  • adjuvants, an agent that modifies the effect of other agents while having few if any direct effects, are used to make PitStop more active as well as soluble.

    I tested PitStop on some white undershirts by using it to remove the stains under the right arm of each shirt so I could compare the difference. I followed the directions carefully - apply to effected area, rub in the solution, let work for 15-20 minutes and wash separately according to garment label.

    The right arm pits came out much brighter and whiter than the left arm pit. The amount of improvement was dependent on the age and severity of the stain. On newer shirts with minimal stains, it was completely removed.

    Some words of caution that were not included in the directions. The product should always be used in a well-ventilated space. The fumes are pretty strong and a bit unpleasant. You should also wear protective gloves if you have any skin sensitivity. Test any colored fabrics first in an inconspicuous areas and do not wash treated garments with colored clothing or anything delicate.

    Specific questions? Just ask here.

    What is your favorite stain remover?

    What is the worst or least effective stain remover you've ever used?

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    Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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