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Ink B Gone - Laundry Guide Review Ink B Gone

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Ink B Gone - Laundry Guide Review Ink B Gone

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The Bottom Line

Ink B Gone does a good job at removing fresh ink stains from leather and vinyl. It is not as effective for older stains.

Manufacturer's Site


  • Removes fresh ink stains from leather and vinyl.


  • Does not work well on older ink stains.
  • No product ingredients list was provided.
  • Must be purchased online.


  • Ink B Gone is an ink stain removal product for leather and vinyl.
  • Not widely distributed in retail outlets, it is available online.
  • Performed well on fresh ink stains but not on older stains.

Guide Review - Ink B Gone - Laundry Guide Review Ink B Gone


Ink B Gone is the latest stain removal product from The Casite Company. As the name implies, it is formulated to remove permanent marker, ballpoint ink, grease pencils, cosmetics and crayons from hard surfaces. It is advertised to work on leather and vinyl, plastics and laminates, white boards and wall coverings. I limited my testing to leather and vinyl clothing and accessories.

I, fortunately, did not have ink-stained pieces so I sacrificed an old oxblood colored leather purse in the name of science...well, at least laundry product testing. I marked the bottom with ballpoint ink and permanent ink - Sharpie®. Following the directions on the bottle, I used a clean white cloth and the Ink B Gone liquid to work on the stains.

The product worked wonders on freshly marked stains. The ballpoint ink came right off. The permanent ink took two applications, but it also came off. There was minimal color transfer to the white cloth and my bag looked fine. Next, I made the ink marks and walked away for an hour. This gave them time to dry completely and mimic what usually happens to me; I can't clean the stain right away and must wait until I get home.

This time was not as successful. The ballpoint ink did come off with a couple of treatments, but there was more color transfer from the bag, perhaps because I had to rub harder. The removal of the permanent ink stain was less successful. Numerous applications did lighten the ink stain but did not remove it. The problem is that the oxblood purse now has a pink section and a light gray ink stain. I would have been highly disappointed if this had been a purse I hoped to carry again.

The Ink B Gone package nor website has no product ingredient list. It is not for use on untreated leather. MSRP is $14.99 for one ounce. It is not widely available in retail stores but can be ordered online. For ink stains on fabric, Ink B Gone recommends using Casite Fabric Clean Purple.

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Manufacturer's Site

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