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Biz Stain Fighter - About.com Laundry Guide Review

Stain Trappers

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Biz Stain Fighter - About.com Laundry Guide Review

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Biz has been fighting stains for more than forty years with its enzyme-based formula. Today Biz advertises that it has Stain Trappers that lift, lock and rinse away stains and keep them from redepositing on your clothes. Let's see if Biz's claims are the real thing.

The Biz Story

The Biz story began at Procter & Gamble when one of their chemists, Charles McCarty, invented the product in 1968. Mr. McCarty created the color-safe Biz stain remover and was the sole name on the Biz patent along with eight other Procter & Gamble patents. In the early 1960s when he was working on the formula, he and his wife had five children at home. He tested the enzyme detergent booster on cloth diapers.

Biz was a leading brand for Procter & Gamble in the late 1960s and 1970s. Biz was one of the sponsors of the television show, "Green Acres". One of the show's stars, Eddie Albert, became a pitchman for Biz and appeared in commercials. Biz was promoted heavily until the introduction of other high-priced products.

In 2000, two Procter and Gamble executives made the decision to buy the brand and formed the Redox Brands, Inc. company. Forbes estimated that Biz was purchased for greater than $40 million. They also purchased the Procter and Gamble brand, Oxydol, the first commercially successful detergent. The partners stepped up marketing and in-store promotions to build the brands until they merged with CR Brands in 2006.

2X Ultra Biz Stain Fighter

Biz Stain Fighter is available in three formulas - liquid, powder and Blast packs. The blast packs are pre-measured packets that dissolve quickly in water and are added directly to your washer. Biz is safe to use in both standard and high-efficiency (he) washers. The product can be used in the washer with detergent, as a pre-treater or as a pre-soak for difficult stains. The product is available nationwide at stores or can be ordered online.

Biz contains no chlorine bleach (safe for colors) and no phosphates. It is safe to use if you have a septic tank system. The packaging is recyclable.

Listed Ingredients:

  • Biodegrable surfactants
  • Enzamix (exclusive blend of enzymes)
  • Brightening agents

    To use the product, add to the washer following label directions based on size of load. For pre-treating, pour directly onto stained area, rub in and allow to sit for five to ten minutes and then wash as usual.

  • CR Brands

    CR Brands, which acquired the Biz brand in 2006, is based in West Chester, Ohio. The company has plants in West Chester and Spartanburg, South Carolina. They manufacture and sell branded and private label industrial and household laundry and cleaning products. CR Brands is a majority-owned portfolio company of Juggernaut Capital Partners, LP.

    CR Brands' nationally branded products include Mean Green, Biz, Pine Power, Oxydol, and Magnum Power. Consumer Protection Safety Documents are available for all products on the company website.

    Laundry Guide Recommendation

    Biz is brand name that has been around for years. Biz was fighting stains long before other brands became "stain fighters" and "stain releasers".

    I gave Biz a try on my usual stains - food and oil, ground-in dirt from gardening and a bit of chocolate. The enzyme formula works particularly well on protein stains and they came out when using Biz with no extra effort or scrubbing. For older stains, I would suggest pre-treating or pre-soaking before washing. An easy way to pre-soak is to fill the washer with water, add the Biz and then put in the stained clothes. Allow the clothes to agitate for a few minutes and then stop the washer. Allow them to soak overnight, add detergent and start the washer again in the morning to finish the wash.

    You will find that Biz is significantly less expensive at approximately twenty-one cents per load than other stain-fighting products that cost around fifty cents per loads.

    While I would like to see Biz packaged in plastic containers that contain some post-consumer recycled plastic, I would recommend that Biz be added to your laundry room shelf.

    Specific questions? Just ask here.

    What is your favorite stain remover?

    What is the worst or least effective stain remover you've ever used?

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     1 out of 5
    BIZ Blast Packs, Member bboor

    I have a front loading HE washing machine (Whirlpool). When I used the BIZ Blast Packs (placed in drum according to directions on package) the powder did not complete dissolve and I ended up with ""hunks"" of hard white lumps of BIZ and some clear plastic in the drum. I have not had any problems of this kind in the past with other products. However, I would recommend the liquid Biz Stain Fighter - it works really well. Thank you.

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