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Stain Removal Basics, Tools and Treatments


Removing stains is one of the most challenging parts of doing laundry. But once you learn the basic steps for tackling a stain, the correct products to use and that many types of stains are treated with similar steps, the job becomes much easier.
  1. Stain Removal 101
  2. Stain Removal Guide For Every Stain
  3. Stain Removal Products
  4. How to Fix Laundry Mistakes

Stain Removal 101

Removing stains follows the same rule as a physician, first do no harm. Before you bring out the big guns, begin with some basic, less harmful steps. It's easier than you think!

Stain Removal Guide For Every Stain

Looking for a specific stain removal tip? Check out Stain Removal A to Z.

Stain Removal Products

Some stain removal requires more than water and detergent. Learn about the products available and how to use them safely.

How to Fix Laundry Mistakes

Sometimes we get overzealous in our laundry chores and mistakes happen. Many can be corrected using some of the stain removal techniques you've learned.

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