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How to Remove Valentine's Day Stains

After the Lovin' Comes the Laundry


Valentine's Day may be all hearts and flowers, but after the lovin' there may be some stains to remove. Remove stains like wine, chocolate, flower pollen and make-up with ease.

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1. Chocolate

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A moment on the lips does not have to be a lifetime on the blouse.

2. Red Wine

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Move quickly and red wine will come out.

3. Candle Wax

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Confucius say, Romance will fade if candle wax remains.

4. Flower Pollen

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To prevent yellow pollen stains, pinch off the stamen of the lily before arranging the flowers.

5. Lipstick

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Never leave a tell-tale stain.

6. Makeup

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If make up stains are a problem, switch to a brand that doesn't rub off so easily.

7. Mascara

Hint: Waterproof mascara is harder to remove from fabric than washable.
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