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Reader Questions & Answers: Color and Dye Transfer in Laundry


We all know what happens when a red sock gets mixed into a load of whites - pink underwear! About.com Laundry readers share their questions about color and dye transfer in laundry. I hope you'll find some answers that help you. Or, share your question here.

Blue Jeans Faded on Pink Shirt

Quite often, the blue dye used to color denim is unstable and can transfer to other clothes - hence, faded blue jeans. Learn how to remove the dye stains.

Color Transfer in Wet Laundry

You may be lucky enough to elude dye transfer in the laundry by the extra dye being washed away with the rinse water. But, if you leave the wet laundry in a machine overnight, transfer can occur between the pieces. Learn what to do.

Dye Transfer on a Silk Dress

Dye transfer onto a silk garment can be difficult to remove. Learn about some steps that may prove helpful.

Red Construction Paper Fades on Khaki Pants

All it takes is one four-year-old boy with a piece of red construction paper in his pocket to ruin a new pair of khaki pants!

White T-shirt Washed With Dark Clothes

See what happens when Dad washes his teenage daughter's new white t-shirt with a load of dark clothes.

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