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How do I remove sushi stains from clothes?


How do I remove sushi stains from clothes?

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Question: How do I remove sushi stains from clothes?
If you are not proficient with chopsticks, sushi can often land in your - or your neighbor's - lap. Learn how to remove sushi and its condiments stains from laundry.

Sushi is most often a roll of raw seafood, rice and vegetables. Stains on washable garments for these ingredients can be removed by laundering as usual. It is the condiments like wasabi and soy sauce that are the culprits in difficult to remove stains.

Wasabi is from the mustard family and can be removed from washable garments with just a bit of extra treatment.First, remove any washabi on the fabric using a blunt knife. Try not to rub it any deeper into the fibers. Treat the stain with a heavy-duty liquid detergent and then rinse thoroughly. Soak the garment in a dilute solution of all-fabric or oxygen bleach like OxiClean. Launder as usual in cool water. Do not dry the garment if the stain remains. Repeat the steps until stain is removed.

If soy sauce is the stain culprit, blot up as much excess soy sauce as possible. Pre-soak garment in a solution of warm water and liquid detergent. Rinse well with water. If stain remains, dab with rubbing alcohol. Rinse and launder as usual. If stain remains after laundering, do not dry. Repeat steps.

If the garment is dry clean only, point out and identify the sushi, wasabi or soy sauce stain to your professional cleaner. If you are using a home dry cleaning kit, be sure to treat the stain with the provided stain remover before putting the garment in the dryer bag.

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