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How to Wash Pesticide Exposed Clothes


How to Wash Pesticide Exposed Clothes

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Whether you're a farmer or a home gardener or exterminator, clothing that has been exposed to pesticides should be handled carefully. If full-strength chemicals or liquid concentrates have been spilled on clothing, handle only with rubber gloves to prevent absorption through the skin. These clothes should be discarded. No amount of washing will remove the residue to make these garments safe for wearing again.

All pesticide-exposed garments should be washed separately from regular household laundry. First, rinse in clear water. This can be done in a bucket, under an outside hose or in the washing machine. Then wash in the hottest water suitable for the fabric using heavy-duty detergent. Do not overstuff the washer, the clothes need plenty of room so that water can flush the pesticides from the fabric. When the cycle is complete, remove the clothing and run an empty cycle through the washer to flush it clean.

Garments should be line dried to avoid contaminating the dryer.

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