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Care and Stain Removal By Fabric Content: Acetate

By Mary Marlowe Leverette

Fibers in garments each react differently when treated with stain removal products and during laundering. Always read hang tags and labels before attempting to remove a stain.


Acetate fabric dissolves in fingernail polish remover – acetone. Triacetate and modacrylic fabrics can also be damaged by acetone or paint thinner.

All synthetic fibers are heat sensitive and high temperatures in the dryer or when ironing can cause them to melt, shrink or deform. Even the hot-water setting on a washer can create permanent wrinkles in the spin cycle.

Steam pressing can sometimes remove these wrinkles but the high heat required can also cause melting and create holes. And, heat shrinkage may cause the garment to shrink and that cannot be reversed.

Prevent wrinkling of synthetic fiber clothing

  • Do not overload washer, clothes should move freely
  • Use cold or warm water for washing and rinsing
  • Dry clothing using the permanent press setting on your dryer. No high heat.
  • Remove clothing immediately at the end of the cycle and do not overdry
  • Hang garments on hangers after drying to allow wrinkles to relax or fall out over a few hours.

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