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14 Household Uses for Laundry Dryer Sheets

They do more than soften clothes


If you find yourself with extra dryer sheets, use them throughout your home and when traveling to clean and freshen!

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1. Clean Pots and Pans

If you have baked on or stuck food in a pot or pan, place a dryer sheet in the pan and cover with hot water. Allow it to soak over night and then use the dryer sheet to wipe away the food the next morning.

2. Freshen Shoes and Boots

Add a dryer sheet to shoes and boots that have gotten a little too ripe. For kids or ladies' pumps you can cut each sheet in half and still get great results.

3. Remove Pet Hair

The same properties that dryer sheets use to reduce static in the dryer also works on pet hair on furniture. Just rub the sheet over the hair to loosen it from upholstery.

4. Remove Static Cling

If your dress or pants leg is clinging, rub a dryer sheet on your legs, socks or stockings to get rid of static cling. No more riding up!

5. No Tangled Threads

When you're sewing or doing embroidery, run the thread between a folded dryer sheet to keep it tangle-free.

6. Reduce Electronics Static

Use a dry dryer sheet to dust television and computer monitor screens to reduce static.

7. Luggage Freshener

Before you put away your luggage after a trip, tuck in a dryer sheet to prevent musty odors. And, if your gym bag isn't used too often, the same trick works there...but only if you remove any smelly workout clothes.

8. Remove Gum From Dryer

If you find melted gum or adhesive stickers in the dryer, wet a dryer sheet and scrub away. You'll find that the fabric softener and the texture of the sheet will help loosen the stickiness without harming the interior finish.

9. Freshen Trash

Put a dryer sheet in the bottom of each trash can before you add the plastic liner bag. Your trash never smelled so sweet.

10. Clean Your Car Grill

Keep some dryer sheets in your car to use for insect removal. Wet the sheet and use to remove bugs from your windshield and the front grill. The fabric is abrasive enough to scrub away the insects but not so harsh as to damage the finish. Plus, keeping dryer sheets in the trunk keeps it smelling fresh.
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