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14 Household Uses for Laundry Dryer Sheets

They do more than soften clothes


11. Freshen Hotel Rooms

If your hotel room smells stale, place a dryer sheet in the air conditioning/heating vent for a quick air freshener. Take it with you when you leave and your soiled clothes will be a bit fresher for the trip home.

12. Keep Bugs Away

Some campers and outdoor enthusiasts swear by dryer sheets to keep insects away. Some rub them on their skin, others tuck the sheets into tops of socks or collars. It's worth a try!

13. Deer Repellent

Cut dryer sheets into one-inch strips and tie them on the tips of greenery or in trees. The scent will repel plant-munching deer.

14. Calm Flyaway Hair

Keep a few dryer sheets in your desk or purse to calm flyaway hair. Just rub the sheet over your hair to smooth it out.

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