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Febreze Fabric Refresher - Laundry Product Review

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The Bottom Line

Febreze by Procter and Gamble does a nice job of freshening clothing that has been stored seasonally or home drapes and fabrics that cannot be cleaned often. It is not a replacement for regular washing or dry cleaning.

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  • Removes stale storage odors.
  • Safe to use around cats and dogs.
  • Does not stain most fabrics.


  • Packaging contains no recycled materials
  • Refills are not offered for spray bottles.
  • Not safe around birds.


  • Refreshes fabrics by removing odors.
  • Safe on most fabrics - do not use on silk or leather.
  • Comes in a variety of fragrances.
  • Not a substitute for regular cleaning or dry cleaning to remove dirt and stains.


  • Purified Water - Processing Aid
  • Alcohol - Drying Aid
  • Cyclodextrin - odor eliminator derived from corn starch
  • Modified polydimethicone - emulsifier and spreading agent
  • Hydrogenated castor oil - emulsifier and spreading agent
  • Alkanolamine sodium hydroxide - pH neutralizer
  • Citric acid - pH neutralizer
  • Quaternary ammonium chloride - antimicrobial agent
  • Benzisothiazolinone - presevative
  • Perfume - various fragrances

About Laundry Recommendations

I remember when Febreze hit the market, my mother thought it was a cure for all her woes. She had a nose for every tiny odor - if there was a moth ball anywhere in the county she could smell it. Well, febreze didn't eliminate every odor but it did make her life a bit easier.

I find Febreze useful as quick freshener when clothing has been in storage. The clothes or linen are clean but not freshly laundered. I've also used it to freshen dry clean only clothing when I've been in a smoke-filled or grease-filled room. And, I'll admit I have given a pet bed a quick spray if company is coming over and I don't have time to throw it all in the wash.

Febreze works as the water in the product dissolves the odor molecules and these are bound to the cyclodextrin molecules. As the product dries, the odors are reduced as the fabric dries.

Since its inception, the Febreze line has grown tremendously to include nearly every imaginable fragrance. That's nice for those of us who sneeze around some overpowering scents. I also like that the scent dissipates rapidly leaving no noticeable perfume.

I would recommend keeping a bottle in your laundry room for quick fabric freshening. Just don't become too trigger happy!

To read the U.S. Health and Human Services health and safety report on Febreze, click here .

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