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Tour of Sun Products - Wisk, All & Snuggle - Research and Development


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Welcome to Sun Products Corporation
Tour of Sun Products - Wisk, All & Snuggle - Research and Development

Courtesy of Sun Products Corporation

As you enter the bright, spacious reception area of Sun Products Corporation's North American Technology Center, you are greeted to cheerful murals that represent family life - their customers. Guests view a wall of products created by Sun including laundry detergents, fabric softeners, dish detergent and dishwasher detergents.

There are both Sun name brand products like Wisk, all, Snuggle, Sunlight, Surf and Sun; and some very familiar retailer brand laundry and dish care products. Sun Products develops and manufactures products for large stores and chains. Several of these products have been ranked very highly in Consumer Report's best detergents.

In this Technology Center - all under one roof - you'll find Consumer Research, Formulation Science, Microbiology, Package Development, Pilot Production and Analytical Services. Team members can bounce ideas off each other, try new projects and streamline innovation.

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