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Casite Quick Works TexGuard Fabric Protector - Laundry Product Guide Review

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Casite Quick Works TexGuard Fabric Protector - Laundry Product Guide Review

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The Bottom Line

Quick Works TexGuard Fabric Protector performs well as a stain and moisture blocker. It is not widely available to consumers but can be ordered from the company website.


  • Safe for all washable fabrics.
  • Performs very well as a stain and moisture blocker.
  • Inhibits mildew growth.


  • Takes longer to dry than stated on directions.
  • Not widely available in stores for consumers.
  • Must be purchased online as part of a cleaning kit.


  • Fabric protector, stain and moisture blocker.
  • Safe for all washable fabrics. Contains no solvents, bleach or harsh chemicals.
  • Inhibits mildew growth.
  • Not widely available in stores, can be ordered online.

Guide Review - Casite Quick Works TexGuard Fabric Protector - Laundry Product Guide Review

My first experience with the Casite Company was at my local automotive store. I knew the quality of their motor additives, tire repair and car care products. So I was excited to test this Michigan-based company's line of household laundry products. All of them can still be used to care for automotive interiors but I did my testing in the laundry room and closet!

Quick Works TexGuard is a fabric protector, stain and moisture blocker. A non-aerosol, non-toxic product it is safe for any washable textiles and contains no bleach, solvents or harsh chemicals. The product is Crypton® Powered - which immediately caught my attention. I couldn't let this go unexplored so I did some more research. Casite is a partner with Crypton Fabrics, a Kings Mountain, North Carolina textile manufacturer. The company has worked with the U.S. EPA to develop a disinfectant finish technique for fabric that helps prevent mildew and protects fabrics. Quick Works TexGuard uses that same technology. Sorry, neither Lex Luthor or Superman helped with this research.

I gave TexGuard a try on one side of a throw pillow. The fabric was a cotton/polyester blend. If the fabric you want to treat is soiled, it should be cleaned thoroughly before treating with TexGuard. I followed the bottle directions and sprayed the pillow liberally. The product does not contain perfume and the first whiff was slightly medicinal. However, after just seconds the scent dissipated. The directions told me to let the fabric air dry for 10 minutes and claims that it dries in minutes unlike similar products that take hours to dry. My pillow was not dry after two hours. I allowed it to dry overnight with great success. After the fabric dried, the pillow smelled fresh and clean - no perfume, no chemical or medicinal smell.

I sprayed only one side of the pillow so I could test the effectiveness of the product. Soft drink spilled on the TexGuard treated side beaded up immediately and was easy to wipe away. On the untreated side, it soaked right in and left me a stain to clean. I was very pleased. I intend to spray all of my canvas totebags and purses because they always get dirty. And it will be perfect for outside cushions.

TexGuard is available in a 32 oz. bottle. The product has been submitted to the U.S. EPA for designation as a Design for the Environment approved product and certification is pending. It can also be used on carpet. As with any product, always pre-test on an inconspicuous area to be sure the fabric is color-safe.

I had a difficult time finding Quick Works products in stores widely available to the public. You can order TexGuard as part of a cleaning kit online directly from Quick Works. It is not available online as a single purchase.

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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