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Carbona Color Grabber Disposable Cloths - Laundry Product Guide Review

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Carbona Color Grabber Disposable Cloths - Laundry Product Guide Review

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The Bottom Line

Carbona Color Grabber Disposable Cloths effectively trap loose dye in the washer and prevent transfer of dyes to the rest of the laundry. Only available online, each cloth costs around 20 cents for one use.
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  • Effectively traps loose dyes in washer water.
  • Prevents color transfer between fabrics.


  • Only available online.
  • No product ingredients list was provided.
  • Relatively high cost per use.


  • Disposable cloth formulated to trap loose dyes in the washer and prevent color transfer to other fabrics.
  • Only available from online sources.
  • Costs around 20 cents per use.

Guide Review - Carbona Color Grabber Disposable Cloths - Laundry Product Guide Review

Carbona dares us to mix whites and colors in the laundry while using their Color Grabber Disposable Cloths. The cloths are specifically developed to attract loose dyes in the wash water, lock the dyes into the cloth and avoid redeposit of dyes onto other fabrics. Did they work?

I took the dare and reluctantly added a red bath towel to a load of white towels along with a Color Grabber Disposable Cloth. The red towel had been washed several times but I was still skeptical. I washed the towels in hot water with a regular strength detergent and a cold rinse. When I opened the washer, nothing was pink except the Color Grabber Disposable Cloth. It worked. My white towels were still white - a bit of red lint but no dye transfer.

Instructions recommend using two cloths for larger loads and still washing new colored clothes and linens separately until excessive dye is released. According to Carbona, a Color Grabber Sheet should be used with every mixed load of laundry to keep colored clothes bright and whites looking white.

While I don't think I will use the Color Grabber Sheets often because I have enough laundry to easily sort colors; I will use them if I need to do a quick mixed load.

Carbona began making laundry solutions in the late 1890s which were non-flammable and a vast improvement to home stain cleaning methods. Today the company is owned by Delta Pronatura, based in Egelsbach, Germany. The company produces both laundry and household cleaning products.

I could not find Carbona Color Grabber Disposable Cloths in any mass market stores. They are available online. Price is around 20 cents per sheet.

Specific questions? Just ask here.

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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