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Biowashball No Detergent Laundry Ball - Laundry Product Review

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Biowashball No Detergent Laundry Ball - Laundry Product Review

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The Bottom Line

Performs well for cleaning normal laundry soil; not effective for removing stains. Must be used with higher volume of water. Designed to last for 1000 washes of nine pound laundry loads but can only be used once per day.
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  • Convenient and simple to use.
  • Hypo-allergenic - no chemicals or perfumes.


  • Does not perform well in low-water usage washers.
  • For loads more than 9 pounds of laundry, must use additional ball.
  • Can only be used once per day.
  • Not readily available in stores.


  • Plastic sphere containing natural ceramic beads for cleaning.
  • Effective for 9 pound loads of laundry. Must use second ball for larger loads.
  • Lasts for 1000 washes at 9 pounds of laundry per load.
  • Solar rechargable, can only be used once per day.

Guide Review - Biowashball No Detergent Laundry Ball - Laundry Product Review

The Biowashball® laundry ball claims to be the original washing ball used as a replacement for laundry detergent. According to their website, the Biowashball® contains microballs which use a proprietary blend of ceramics and minerals which, when combined, allows the Biowashball® to effectively clean clothes. Using negative ions to break down dirt molecules, altering the pH balance of the water and aiding the agitation action of the washer, the Biowashball® completes the cleaning process.

The Biowashball is effective in cold water and will clean up to nine pounds of laundry. For larger machines, use two balls. Do not place in the dryer. The ball must be placed in the sun for one hour every month to regenerate the ceramic interior balls. The lifespan is 1,000 washes based on a nine pound load of laundry. The MSRP is $29.95.

I tested the ball on several loads of laundry following the enclosed instructions with mixed success. For clothing with normal soil, the clothes did come out clean, smelling fresh and soft. However, for the next load of clothes that I had been wearing for gardening, the soil was not removed. It was then I went to the website to find that Biowashball does not remove stains; a separate stain remover must be used first. It was on the website that I also found these instructions that were not included in the box:

  • The Biowashball® is most effective in higher water volumes. If not using a top-loader washing machine, select cycles for extra water.
  • Prior to first use, due to the duration that the Biowashball® may have been in its box, place the Biowashball® in the sun for 2 hours. This will ensure its full efficacy.
  • In order to keep the Biowashball® at peak cleaning efficiency, it is recommended to use it only once per day. This gives the microspheres time to recharge.

Once I read the additional information on the website, I find several issues that give me pause. I don't do one load of wash per day and the use of extra water negates the environmental benefits of not using detergent. Before you purchase this product, consider your own laundry routines.

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 5 out of 5
Love it!, Member ClaireKW

I acquired a biowashball about 4 months ago. I have yet to find any problems with it and actually prefer it over standard detergent. Never did I see/ hear about only using it once a day and I have to argue that is incorrect. I have used it several times in one day and my clothes come out as clean as ever. I have heard it is suggested to put it in the sun for a couple hours every once in a while to get the best performance which I do. I personally love the product and hope it is available in America soon! I would love to know where it says to only use once a day because I would argue that is incorrect

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