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Rit ProLine Fast Fade - About.com Laundry Guide Product Review

Why won't these jeans fade?

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Rit ProLine Fast Fade - About.com Laundry Guide Product Review

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Most of the questions I receive are about how to prevent fading of clothes. Or, how to remove dye that has bled on other clothes. But, there are times you want something to fade. You're looking for a vintage look or something stylish (remember the Eighties?). Rit has a product just for you - Fast Fade.

Rit ProLine Fast Fade

For crafters or businesses that need Rit products in larger quantities than the individual packets and bottles sold to consumer, Rit offers ProLine. The dyes and other products are sold in larger quantities at a savings.

Rit ProLine Fast Fade is the same formula as Rit Fast Fade for Jeans which comes in 1.5 ounce boxes or jars for about $5.00. ProLine Fast Fade is available in one pound jars for $18.00 or five pound jars for $75.00. For a light fade on one to two pairs of jeans or one pound of fabric, you will need 1.5 ounces. A heavy fade on two pairs will require a 3 ounce treatment.

ProLine Fast Fade comes in a heavy plastic jar with a screw-cap lid. An easy to read measuring scoop is included. The container is recyclable.

Product Ingredients Listed:

  • Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate
  • Sodium Carbonate

    The product should be used with caution taking care to protect your skin and eyes. The chemicals can cause burns and skin irritation. It should never be combined with ammonia because hazardous gases may be released. The product should be kept away from moisture, heat, sparks, open flames, acid and any oxidizers. Most surfaces should be protected when the product is in use.

    To use Rit ProLine Fast Fade, fill the washer to a low level or about half full with hottest water available. For fading a large item like coveralls or a set of items, fill the washer with enough water to ensure items are completely covered with water. Add your regular laundry detergent in the same amount you would use for a laundry load of the same size.

    Carefully add the Fast Fade, pouring just above the water level to avoid spreading the powder or creating dust. Do not inhale any Fast Fade dust. Agitate detergent and Fast Fade for at least 30 seconds or until powder is completely dissolved.

    Add unbuttoned and unzipped items to washer and agitate for 40 minutes. This will require resetting washer control before water empties. During the process, keep the washer lid closed and after the long agitation period, allow washer to complete normal cycle.

    Reset washer for full cycle; wash items with detergent. The items can be tumbled dryer or line dried.

    In addition to fading denim, Fast Fade can be used on any natural fiber fabric before dyeing to help fabric be more true to the new color.

  • The World of Rit

    The Rit Dye Company began in Chicago, Illinois with an entrepreneur, Charles C. Huffman. Mr. Huffman created a formula of dye and soap that would color fabrics and wash them at the same time. The name came from his friend, Louis Rittenhouse, who invested in the company and became its first vice-president. In 1917, the company opened with the slogan: "Never Say Dye...Say Rit!" As America went through the Great Depression, Rit Dye was there to help women extend the life of clothes and household goods.

    In the 1940s new fabrics were hitting the marketplace and Rit developed a new all-purpose formula that would dye nylon and other synthetic fabrics as well as natural fibers.

    The 1960s signaled the hey-day of fabric dye as tie-dyed fabrics become the uniform of the counter-culture movement. Rit Dye is now popular in crafting circles for use on fabric, paper, wood and plastics.

    Additional laundry treatments like Rit Brightener & Whitener, Rit Super Stain Remover, Rit Fixative, Rit White-Wash, Rit Rust Remover and Rit Color Remover have been added to the basic line of dye products.

    Rit is a product brand of Phoenix Brands, LLC based in Stamford, Connecticut.

    Laundry Guide Recommendation

    I gave Rit ProLine Fast Fade a try on some printed cotton fabric that I wanted to age to give it a weathered look. It worked like a charm. My fabric came out looking "old" but was still soft and easy to work with.

    I was disappointed that the ProLine Fast Fade did not have use instructions included. I had to find a "consumer" box to get the directions. I suppose they feel that if you're buying this much Fast Fade you know how to use it.

    A word of caution, you MUST keep this product away from children and pets. It is so highly toxic that Rit includes a medical emergency call number right on the package.

    If you have a large quantity of denim or fabric that must be faded quickly, I recommend Rit ProLine Fast Fade.

    Specific questions? Just ask here.

    Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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