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BraLadder: Product Review

Step Up Your Bra Care

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BraLadder: Product Review

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Every woman knows how expensive bras can be. Some are priced in the hundreds of dollars. No matter what you've paid, you want the bras to last and hold their shape through multiple washings and wearings. The folks at BraLadder want to help.


The BraLadder is designed to hang four bras from heavy-duty plastic sidearms with molded hooks. The starter kit contains four arms that can be hooked together. More sets could be purchased to extend the ladder. The hooks are to be attached to a hanger for easy use in a closet or on a shower rod or clothesline when drying bras.

By hanging bras from the BraLadder, you can prevent bras from becoming misshapen when stuffed into drawers. It allows more organized drying rather than bras hung on door knobs or shower rods.

The product was invented by Jackie Romanies, a college student, who was looking for a better solution for drying and storing her bras. She created the BraLadder prototype as a bra storage solution, but later discovered it was also a great way to air dry bras quickly.

BraLadder was developed and is marketed by Long Tail Products, an Austin, Texas based product development company. All products come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and a one year warranty. The BraLadder is priced at $14.97 plus $4.00 or $7.00 in shipping costs and can be purchased directly from their website. More information can be received by calling 877-283-3901.

One percent of all sale proceeds go to Save the Ta-tas, a fund-raising site for breast cancer research.

Bra Care

As I read the Jackie Romanies' story, she described how her bras became lumpy and misshaped after putting them through the dryer as one of the reasons she invented BraLadder. I visibly flinched because no bra should ever come close to a clothes dryer! High heat is a death knoll for spandex and the delicate fibers that are used in most bras. Constant tumbling and tangling with clothes in a washer or dryer can cause bras to stretch and for padding to shift in strange ways.

It is important to use gentle detergent, gentle agitation and low heat to keep bras and lingerie looking their best. Harsh care will equal stretching or shrinking and the lingerie will have to be replaced much more soon. You can learn more about handling lingerie here: How to Wash and Dry Lingerie.

In addition to the BraLadder, there are several other tools that will help you care appropriately for lingerie and bras. Tide offers a padded mesh lingerie bag that can be used in the washer. It has two zippered compartments that prevent snags and wear to bras.

Another product is Bubble Bra, a bra form that can be used during washing. The form is used on the bra cups to help them hold their shape.

My best recommendation is to hand-wash expensive lingerie. It will last longer and look better.

Laundry Recommendation

BraLadder is very simple to put together and use. Since it fits on a clothes hanger, it is easily moved from laundry room to bathroom to closet. I would suggest using a molded plastic hanger rather than a wire hanger for maximum stability. Attaching bras, whether wet or dry, is quite easy and the straps stay secure on the molded hooks.

If you have very little drawer or container storage, BraLadder is a good solution for hanging bra storage. Since four bras can be stored in the space of one clothes hanger, it does save space over hanging each bra individually on a clothes hanger.

BraLadder is worth consideration for your bras storage needs.

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