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How to Line Dry Laundry

Hanging clothing to line dry saves money, helps clothing last longer and is great for the environment. Learn the best way to hang clothes, choosing a clothesline and how to save money.

Who Made That Clothespin? - NYTimes.com
Writers from the New York Times Magazine delve into the beginnings of the clothespin in U.S. history.

Best Equipment and Tips for Line Drying Clothes

The equipment for line drying clothes probably began with a tree branch and some sun. Today we have a few more choices. Learn the best equipment and tips for line drying clothes.

Specific questions? Just ask here.

10 Reasons to Line Dry Laundry
Did you know that there is an organization devoted to Line Drying or Air Drying Laundry? http:// Project Laundry List provides tips and a call to action to preserve the tradition of hanging laundry outside to line dry. Here are their Top 10 reasons to line dry laundry.

Choosing a Clothesline for the Laundry Room
How to choose a clothesline for the laundry room

Clotheslines: Laundry Freedom or Eyesore?
The debate over clotheslines continues nationwide. Are they an eyesore or a simple way to reduce energy costs and protect the environment?

How to Hang Clothes on a Clothesline
Learn how to hang clothes properly on a clothesline. Line drying clothing is energy efficient, more gentle on clothing and good exercise.

Show Your Clothesline Pride
Submit a photo or story about your clothesline. Show Your Clothesline Pride

How to Select an Outdoor Clothesline - Best Outdoor Clothesline
The benefits of drying clothes outside are many, but what type of clothesline is best? Here are some of the most popular models on the market. But what if you don't have access to an outside area or your neighborhood has banned clotheslines? Check here for indoor selections .

Select an Indoor Clothes Drying Rack - Indoor Drying Rack Selection
Select an Indoor Clothes Drying Rack - Indoor Drying Rack Selection

6 Reasons to Not Dry Your Clothes Outside
There are plenty of good reasons to line dry laundry, but what are the pitfalls?

Tibbe-Line Clothesline Accessory - About.com Laundry Product Review
Product Review of Tibbe-Line Clothesline Accessory.

Clothesline Memories
An About Laundry reader, Anne Lawrence, shares her recollections of clotheslines and happy memories.

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