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11 New Ways to Use Laundry Baskets

Get Creative with Laundry Baskets


Laundry baskets are a basic in almost every home. But what can you do with them beyond the laundry room? More than you've ever imagined!

Specific questions? Just ask here.

1. Reusable "Grocery Bag"

Keep an empty laundry basket in your car to use as a "grocery bag". You can load the basket in the parking lot straight from your grocery cart. When you get home, make just one trip inside with your basket and you're done!

2. Beach Tote

Headed to the beach? Load up a laundry basket with towels and swimsuits and beach accessories. You'll have everything together and a place to put wet suits and towels on the way home. Plus, it's easy to rinse away the sand from a plastic basket!

3. Housekeeping Helper

If you house is like mine, items seem to migrate from room to room never to return to their proper place. I start on one end of the house with a laundry basket and put everything in that room that needs to be put away in another room in the basket. As I move from room to room, some items are put away, others are added to the basket. I found it especially helpful when I was living in a two-story house.

4. Party Cooler

For a quick party cooler, line a laundry basket with a heavy-duty trash bag and fill with ice and beverages. Use two different colors, one for soft drinks and one for alcohol.

5. Snow Sled

I've always lived in the South and snows often come unexpectedly as well as infrequently. When my sons were small, a plastic laundry basket made a great sled. It was easy to hook a rope to the basket for pulling and they had a bit of support to hold onto as we went up and down the hills.

6. Baby Bathtub

Here's another oldie but goodie from my baby tending days. A plastic laundry basket made a great bathtub support when the babies were old enough to sit up. I would lower a basket into the bathtub of water and put baby inside. The tub water could flow in and out; toys stayed close at hand and there were easy to grip sides when balance felt a little unsteady. Even after the boys got old enough to use the full tub they still liked a basket to play with.

7. Plant Protector

Turn a laundry basket over delicate plants during a late freeze, heavy rains or hailstorm. Remember to remove the basket when the danger has passed!

8. Toy Storage

Laundry baskets are perfect for storing everything but the smallest toys. By using different colors, your child can learn to sort different kinds of toys - stuffed animals in blue, blocks in white, cars in green.

9. Travel Tote

If you rent a cabin or beach house for a week, you must often provide your own linens. Rather than pack them in a suitcase, use a laundry basket. After the beds are freshly made, you have a laundry tote to bring home the dirty linens and clothes.

10. Gardening Tote

A plastic laundry basket is perfect for collecting weeds and clippings as you work in the yard. It holds plenty of clippings; is lightweight and can be easily rinsed out. In the winter, use the basket to store tools and hoses.

11. Temporary Pet Carrier

This takes two laundry baskets, one turned upside down on top of another. Simply twist-tie them together to make a temporary pet carrier. It also works great for transporting an injured native animal to a rescue clinic.

Laundry Basket Uses

How do you use your laundry basket outside the laundry room?
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