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How to Stage Your Laundry Room to Sell Your Home


The laundry room is often overlooked when it's time to sell a home. Proper staging can turn an often dull and scary area into an asset. Everyone must do laundry and having a bright, clean, pleasant space is just another reason to buy your home.

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Clean Out

Often, the laundry area is part of a finished or unfinished basement. Even if the space is used for storage or another use, the laundry area should sparkle as much as your clean clothes. Discard or store off-site anything that does not have to part of the laundry area.

Clean Up

Take time to wipe down your washer and dryer to make them look shiny and well cared for. Vacuum up any lint and clean any traveling dust bunnies. Wipe up detergent spills.

If you are still doing laundry while showing your home, don't leave piles of dirty or clean laundry in the space. No one wants to see that!

Brighten and Lighten

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A coat of fresh paint and a new light fixture with plenty of wattage will easily brighten up the laundry area. Use a light, clean color like white or sky blue. Consider painting an area of the concrete floor in an unfinished basement to designate the laundry space.

Store it Correctly

I'll bet we all can find some laundry product bottles that are outdated or empty. Throw them away. Put detergent and other laundering supplies in cupboards. If you don't have cupboards, inexpensive shelving can look great with attractive canisters or baskets.

Add Some Flair

If there's a window with a drab view, hide it with a curtain or a nice blind that is light enough to allow some light to pass through it. Add a framed picture or a plant to make the area more attractive.

Tend to Outdoor Areas

Take a moment to clean the outside vent of your dryer. Loads of lint hanging from the vent does not speak to a well cared for home. If you have an outdoor clothesline, be sure it looks neat and usable - no rust, no sagging.
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