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How to Choose a Clothesline for the Laundry Room

By Mary Marlowe Leverette

How to Choose a Clothesline for the Laundry Room

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A retractable clothesline is a perfect addition for drying your clothes in the laundry room. The line comes in a small box or reel that is attached to one wall. When it is needed, just pull out the line and attach it to a hook on an opposite wall.

This discreet system is much easier to put away than indoor folding racks and takes up nearly no space. These are great for both drying clothes indoors and for hold hanging clothes until they are put away.

Look for a clothesline that is coated with PVC which keeps the clothes free from snags, marks and rust stains.

Using an indoor clothesline is gentle on your garments, saves energy and protects the environment.

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