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Feng Shui Design in the Laundry Room


Laundry room Feng Shui - colors
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A great deal of time is spent in your laundry room. It should be as inviting and pleasing to the eye as your bathroom to enhance and attract wealth.

Take time to look around the laundry area and reflect upon how it looks. Does it look neglected? Is it dark? Are the colors disturbing?

Laundry Room Colors

To improve or enhance your finances, a feng shui laundry room should be light. Light hues of blue or green are enhancing colors that attract water. Wood choices for cabinets and trim should be tan or light brown. Keep everything light.

Laundry Room Design Basics

One of the most important elements is good lighting, whether through windows or overhead lights. Good lighting creates a positive flow of Chi and allows you to see what you are doing.

Adequate storage should be included for the laundry supplies that are needed. It should not, however, become a catch-all room for storing unrelated items. There should be enough counter or work table space for folding clothes. Do not use this space for storage. It should be kept clear when not in use.

Do not place a dragon facing the laundry room. Dirty water is flowing out of the room and the shar chi (negative energy) can impact the energy your dragon enhances. A bowl of multi-colored blue and light brown crystals or colored stones can enhance and attract wealth. Don't overdo your design with too many feng shui elements. Keep the laundry room uncluttered.

Finally, we will discuss everyday feng shui principles for keeping your laundry room in harmony.

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