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Laundry Room Design

Design and organize your Laundry Room to make laundry day easier and more efficient. Advice for sorting dirty clothing, storing products and putting away clean laundry.
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Play Online Laundry Rush Game
Is your laundry room this efficient?

11 New Ways to Use Laundry Baskets
Laundry baskets are a basic in almost every home. But what can you do with them beyond the laundry room? More than you've ever imagined!

6 Easy Laundry Room Projects
Make your laundry room more efficient and organized with these easy-to-do projects.

Creative Ways to Use Laundry Baskets
Creative Ways to Use Laundry Baskets

Free Cross-Stitch Patterns for the Laundry Room
Free Cross-Stitch patterns for the laundry room

DIY Dorm Laundry Bag - Make a DIY Laundry Bag for the Dorm
Make your own laundry bag for the dorm or the laundry mat.

Free Laundry Room Sign Cross Stitch Patterns
If you enjoy cross stitch you'll love these witty laundry signs from About.com Cross-Stitch Guide, Connie Barwick. After several of our readers asked to buy our Witty Laundry Signs, Connie developed patterns so you can make them yourself!

Gifts for the Laundry
Some gift recipients might be offended to receive laundry room appliances or extras as a gift. Others will be thrilled! If you're looking for a practical and most often welcome gift, consider these:

How do I properly install a second floor laundry room?
How to properly install a laundry room on the second floor of a home.

How to Keep Pets Safe in the Laundry Room
How to keep pets safe in the laundry room and away from danger.

How to Stage Your Laundry Room to Sell Your Home
The laundry room is often overlooked when it's time to sell a home. Proper staging can turn an often dull and scary area into an asset. Everyone must do laundry and having a bright, clean, pleasant space is just another reason to buy your home.

Reader Submission: The World's Ugliest Laundry Room
Submit a photo or the story of your world's ugliest laundry room.

How to Clean Clothes After a Flood - Flooding and Laundry
How to Clean Clothes After a Flood - Flooding and Laundry

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