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How to Naturally Control Clothes Eating Insects - Green Clothes Pest Control


Moths are not the only insect that can destroy clothes. While they attack wool, fur and hair fibers, termites, cockroaches, beetles and cockroaches can attach cottons, linens and even synthetic blends. They are after the "food" that we leave on our clothes in stains, body fluids and body soil.

There are, of course, chemical insecticides that can help control the infestations. There are also some natural or green methods of pest control that can be used. These treatments are much safer around children and pets. They can be effective with attentive sanitation and repeat treatments.

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1. Carpet Beetles

To control carpet beetles there must first be a thorough cleaning of baseboards, corners and edges of carpeting where debris accumulates that feeds the beetles. Vacuuming, going in different directions on the carpet, can remove adults, eggs and larvae. The vacuum bag should be disposed of outside of the home as quickly as possible or the vacuum cup emptied into a plastic disposable bag.

Check areas in your home for infestations, especially food storage areas. Discard anything that is infested. Things that cannot be discarded must be treated to kill eggs and larvae. Freezing small items for 48 hours or heating them at temperatures above 120 degrees F for several hours will kill the beetles. Wash or dry-clean infested clothing.

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2. Clothes Moths

Moths can be repelled naturally with dried lavender, essential lavender oils or cedar. For these to be effective, the storage area must be tightly sealed and the products fresh. Cedar that is more than three years old is no longer effective. Cedar chests must be sanded or oils refreshed at least that often.

If you suspect infestation, freezing clothes for 72 hours can kill the moth eggs and larvae. High temperatures can also kill insects in woolen materials. The temperature must be 110 to 120 degrees F and maintained for 30 minutes or more. Taking woolen garments outdoors every month or so, brushing them and exposing them to sunlight is also effective in controlling moths.

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3. Cockroaches

Natural control of cockroaches is an ongoing process. Sanitation and good home repair are essential. All windows and doors must be kept tightly closed and any outdoor and indoor cracks caulked. Seal any openings where electrical lines or water pipes pass through walls and floors. Repair plumbing leaks and eliminate moisture sources. Remove all food crumbs and garbage. Wash soiled clothing promptly.

20 Mule Team Borax can be used as a relatively safe roach control. Small children and pets should not be allowed near the application because it is toxic if ingested. Sprinkle the powder in roach hiding places. It is slow acting and can take up to a week to control the roaches.

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4. Cricket

Natural control of indoor crickets, begins by removing sources of moisture and food. Wash soiled clothes promptly and seal any outdoor openings that may draw them inside. The use of glue-based bait traps is the best way to control crickets indoors without the use of pesticides.

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5. Silverfish and Firebrats

To control silverfish and firebrats naturally you must first remove moisture and food that these insects crave. Do a thorough cleaning and empty the vacuum container outside or into a sealed container. Apply a dessicant like silica powder to absorb moisture in the area of infestation. Lower the temperature to below 60 degrees Fahrenheit to slow reproduction. Use sticky insect paper to capture the insects during nocturnal activity.

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6. Termites

If you have termites inside your home, the problem is widespread throughout your home. You can improve the situation by cleaning closets well and washing soiled clothing promptly. Removing outdoor debris and firewood from around the foundation of your home and reducing moisture levels will also help. But, you will need commercial pest control to rid your home of termites.

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