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How do I remove skunk odor from clothes?


How to Remove Skunk Odors from Clothes Jeff Mitchell/Getty Images

Question: How do I remove skunk odor from clothes?

Here's how to remove skunk odor from clothes: Skunk is one odor that once you've smelled it, you never forget it! You'll have no doubt when your loved one comes home with this problem.


In time, skunk odor will dissipate with outdoor airing. But you can speed the process by soaking washable clothing and camping equipment in a solution of ammonia and warm water for at least 30 minutes. Then, wash as usual using a heavy-duty detergent. DO NOT USE BLEACH. Ammonia and bleach combined produce toxic fumes. If odor remains, repeat the process.

Line-dry the garments - using the high heat of the dryer seems to infuse the odor into the fibers.

For non-washable clothing, air thoroughly out of direct sunlight then take it to the dry-cleaner. Share your problem and a good professional should be able to help you.


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