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Correct Laundry Mistakes

Learn to correct and prevent fading, pilling, stretching and shrinking to make your laundry last.
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A pen exploded in my laundry, what do I do?
What to do when a pen explodes in the laundry

About.com Video - How to Restring a Drawstring
This video shows how to restring a drawstring in pants or hoodies.

Baking Soda: Laundry Suds Control
How baking soda works to control overflowing suds in the laundry.

How can I save a shrunken wool sweater?
Mistakenly shrinking a woolen sweater can sometimes be reversed. Try these simple methods or use the felted wool for craft projects.

How do I fix a scorched garment?
how to deal with scorched fabric or garment

How do I get rid of yellowing from overbeaching?
Causes and removal of yellowing caused by chlorine bleach.

How to Dye Buttons - Recolor Buttons on Clothes
Learn how to dye buttons for crafts and sewing projects.

Help! I'm Out of Laundry Detergent
Emergency Laundry Detergent Substitutions

How to Remove Laundry Bluing Stains
Learn How to Remove Laundry Bluing Stains from Clothes.

How to Use Bleach to Decorate Clothes
How to Use Bleach to Decorate Clothes

I washed a tissue and my laundry is covered with lint, what do I do?
How to remove lint after a tissue is washed in a pocket

How do I prevent and remove pilling from clothes?
How to prevent pilling and remove pilling from sweaters and clothes.

Laundry Emergency Kit for Work or Travel
It never fails. You're away from home and spot a stain on your blouse or tie. Your hem is dragging. Or, you look like the cat used you for a pillow. Be prepared with a small kit for laundry emergencies.

Laundry Products Damage Jewelry - Chlorine Bleach Damages Jewelry
Laundry Products Can Damage Jewelry - Chlorine Bleach Damages Jewelry

How to Remove Melted Lip Balm on Clothes
How do I remove melted lip balm stains from clothes?

Reader Response: My Worst Laundry Disaster
Reader Response: My Worst Laundry Disaster

What Causes Grease Spots on Just Washed Clothes?
What causes those spots that look like grease that mysteriously appear on clothing as they come out of the dryer? The culprit is dryer fabric softener sheets.

What Causes Mysterious Holes in Clothes After Washing?
What causes mysterious holes in my clothes after washing? Find the culprits.

Why Do I Have Rust Stains on Laundry? Laundry Rust Stains
What causes Rust Stains on Laundry

Your Laundry Questions and Answers
Laundry Questions and Answers See submissions

5 Stupid Human Laundry Tricks
Five Stupid Human Laundry Tricks.

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