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Tide Febreze Freshness Sport Laundry Detergent - Laundry Product Review

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Tide Febreze Freshness Sport Laundry Detergent - Laundry Product Review

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The Bottom Line

Tide Febreze Freshness Sport Laundry Detergent removes soil from laundry. However, it did not eliminate odors. I could find no difference in results than from other Tide formulas.
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  • Performs well in cold water in removing soil.


  • Did not eliminate all odors.
  • Packaging does not list all ingredients.
  • Measuring cap is difficult to read.


  • Advertised as eliminating odors and handling stains in active wear and sports wear.
  • Available in several sizes and in powder and HE formula
  • Did not perform better than other Tide formulas.

Guide Review - Tide Febreze Freshness Sport Laundry Detergent - Laundry Product Review

Procter and Gamble has added another formula to it's leading laundry detergent brand, Tide. This one is 2X Ultra Tide Febreze Freshness Sport. This detergent is presented as a way to eliminate odor and fight tough stains like grass, dirt and blood that appear on athletic wear. It also claims to contain renewing freshness technology so clothes stay fresh during wear.

Tide Sport liquid is available in 50 oz., 75 oz. and 100 oz. bottles and as a powder, in two scents. It is not available in a high-efficiency (he) formula for use in front loading washers. Listed ingredients are biodegradable surfactants (anionic and nonionic) and enzymes. Tide Sport actually contains 30 ingredients. Material safety sheets and product ingredient information can be found online.

I had some sample packs and used them to launder my college-aged son's sports and athletic wear. I followed the instructions and tested Tide Sport on an inside seam to make sure the garments were colorfast and there would be no fading. The instructions also recommend pretreating stains using Tide Sport. I pretreated, added the remaining measured detergent to the washer and then added the clothes. The clothes came out clean but all of the odor was not eliminated. Since the clothes were not new and the odor of exercise had accumulated, I washed them a second time with Tide Sport. The odor was still there. The product might work better if the clothes were new and it was used from the very start.

I could not discern any improvement or benefit to Tide Sport over other Tide formulas.

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 5 out of 5
I like Tide Sport Laundry Detergent., Member SportsGuy77

I like Tide Sport Laundry Detergent. I like the odor and it cleans and deodorizes my sports clothing perfectly. My friends and I call it ""Scratch and Sniff Tide"". We discovered this past July 4 weekend while we were boating that if you scratch my shirt, you can smell the Tide fragrance on your fingers and in the air. We got a kick out of that and now call it ""Scratch and Sniff Tide"". I must have had six people come up and scratch my shirt just to sniff it that day. Anyway, it does a great job at cleaning my sport clothes and it also does a wonderful job cleaning and deodorizes my work slacks and shirts. If I sweat at work it masks the odor well with a nice Sports scent. I bought another brand for this past bottle of detergent and I am not happy with it. I will finish this bottle and go back to the Tide Sports Detergent.

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