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Blanca Nieves Laundry Detergent - About.com Laundry Product Review

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Blanca Nieves Laundry Detergent - About.com Laundry Product Review

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The Bottom Line

Blanca Nieves is a less expensive laundry detergent that performs well in removing normal soil. Clothing comes out fresh and soft.
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  • Performs well in cleaning clothes and removing normal stains.
  • Less expensive than other brands.


  • Cannot be used in high-efficiency washers.
  • Not readily available in all areas.
  • Packaging is difficult to use without spilling.


  • Less expensive powdered laundry detergent.
  • Manufactured in Mexico.
  • Performs well in removing normal soil and some fresh stains.

Guide Review - Blanca Nieves Laundry Detergent - About.com Laundry Product Review

Blanca Nieves Laundry Detergent is manufactured by Fábrica de Jabón la Corona, a Mexican company that produces household cleaning products and edible cooking oils. Along with Blanca Nieves, they export laundry detergents Foca in liquid and powder formulas, Roma Laundry Detergent and Zote Laundry Bars and Laundry Flakes to the U.S.

Blanca Nieves translates to Snow White laundry detergent. It is phosphate-free and comes in a powdered formula. It is safe for all washable fabrics. Listed ingredients are:

  • Cleaning Agent - Lineal Anionic Surfactant
  • Water Softener - Aluminosilicates and silicate
  • Soil Suspending Agent - C.M.C
  • Optical Brightener
  • Perfume

    According to the packaging, Blanca Nieves is recommended for hand-washing, pre-soaking and in the washer. As the package logo of a little angel surrounded by soap bubbles suggests, it does produce a significant amount of suds. I would not use it in a high-efficiency (he) washer where too much sudsing action can destroy the machine.

    It comes packaged in a 4.4 pound plastic bag. I found the plastic bag hard to use without spilling so I transferred the powder into a lidded container. Blanca Nieves is less expensive than many detergents. It can be found in Latin groceries and stores and online.

    I found that while all of laundry didn't come out "Snow White", Blanca Nieves did remove normal soil well. I did allow my laundry to soak in the washer tub for an hour before completing the wash cycle. Fresh food stains were gone but some stains were not removed.

    Specific questions? Just ask here.

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