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Triple Action Purex Plus Oxi and Zout - About.com Laundry Product Review

More Stain-Fighting Power

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Triple Action Purex Plus Oxi and Zout - About.com Laundry Product Review

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How do you get rid of more stains from your laundry? Add more stain-fighting ingredients to your laundry detergent.

That's just what Purex has done with their newest product - Triple Action Purex with Oxi and Zout Stain Removers.

Triple Action Purex Plus Oxi and Zout Stain Removers

In 2012, Purex began to reformulate their flagship laundry detergents and introduced them as Triple Action detergents to get your laundry bright, white and clean. As part of the new line, Purex Complete with Zout Stain Removers is now Purex Plus Oxi and Zout Stain Removers.

When comparing the ingredients of the Purex Plus Oxi with Triple Action Purex, it is clear that there are more enzymes in this formula. More enzymes mean more stain removing power.

The listed product ingredients are:

  • Water
  • Alcohol Ethoxy Sulfate (Cleaning Agent)
  • Alcohol Ethoxylate (Cleaning Ingredient)
  • Sodium Chloride (Viscosity Control)
  • Sodium Formate (Enzyme Stabilizer)
  • Protease (Cleaning Enzyme)
  • Sodium Polyacrylate (Polymer)
  • Amylase (Cleaning Enzyme)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (Water Softener)
  • Fatty Acid (Foam Control)
  • Calcium Chloride (Enzyme Stabilizer)
  • Disodium Diaminostilbene Disulfonic Acid (Brightener)
  • Mannanase (Cleaning Enzyme)
  • Methylisothiazolinone (Preservative)
  • Fragrance
  • Liquitint Blue (Colorant)

    Purex Plus Oxi is available in a Fresh Morning Burst scent. The available sizes are 43.5 ounces (24 loads); 63 oz (33 loads); 83 ounces (46 loads); 128 ounces (71 loads); and 146 ounces (81 loads). The formula is safe to use with both regular washers and high-efficiency models. The product contains no phosphates and is safe for septic systems. The Purex bottle is recyclable and contains 25 percent or more post-consumer recycled plastic.

  • Henkel and Purex Products

    Purex products including liquid laundry detergent, powder laundry detergent, Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets, liquid fabric softeners, dryer sheets, Complete Crystals in-wash laundry enhancers Magic Release and color safe bleach are manufactured by Dial Corporation of Henkel North America. Other Henkel products are Zout, 20 Mule Team Borax and Sta-Flo Starch.

    Henkel is an international company that produces adhesives, cleaning products and personal care products around the world. Many familiar United States Brands - Loctite, Soft Scrub, Dial Soap, Right Guard, Soft 'n Dri - are products of Henkel.

    The name Purex was coined in 1923 for a chlorine bleach developed by Lionel and Ray Precourt. By 1946, the Purex company added their first powdered laundry detergent, Trend. In 1975 liquid laundry detergents hit the shelves and the Purex brand has continued to grow and offer new products. Their 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets received a 2010 Edison Award for Best New Household Product.

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    I gave Purex Plus Oxi with Zout Stain Removers a test on our regular family laundry as well as on some test stains. I stained some cotton fabric with ketchup, grass stains and ground in mud and tossed it in as well.

    I was pleased with the overall cleaning of the laundry. The clothes came out looking and smelling fresh. The stained fabric looked pretty good but there was a trace of the mud stain still remaining. So, the with the next test with the stained fabric (I keep a batch of stained swatches ready to go - don't you?); I pretreated the stains with a bit of the detergent. I rubbed it in and allowed it to work on the stains for about five minutes before tossing it in the washer. This time the stains came out completely.

    My biggest complaint is yet again, the measuring cap. The lines are nearly impossible to see. Once you find them, mark them clearly with a permanent marker so you won't be tempted to overdose.

    I would recommend that you add Purex Plus Oxi to your laundry shelf.

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