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8 Holiday Laundry Ornaments for the Tree


Many of us find our halls decked with laundry during the holiday season, but those piles aren't very attractive! I've found eight really cute laundry decorations to deck your halls. These would look great on any tree and why not have something cute to enjoy while you tackle the usual laundry? Santa will be proud!

1. Character Clothespin Ornaments

Clothespin ornaments have hung on Christmas trees for decades. Now you can purchase ornaments from your favorite movie, spots team or traditional holiday characters. One of my favorites is the wooden clothespin soldier. I love to line them up on a branch.

You can also make your own - a perfect gift for grandparents and aunts. How about a clothespin reindeer, an angel or a poinsettia?

2. Knitted Gloves Ornaments

This set of ornaments will not only deck your tree, they'll warm your heart. These exquisite little gloves are hand-knit by women in South America as part of a fair-trade cooperative. Made of alpaca, wool and acrylic yarn, they are colorful and very intricate. Most measure about two inches long and about two-and-a-half inches high. You will receive a set of six gloves.

If you like to knit, you can also make your own string of little mittens by following this pattern.

3. Knitted Hats Ornament

I only complaint about these precious knitted hat ornaments is that they don't come in my size! These hats help advance the talents and improve the lives of women in South America. Behind each intricate artwork, is a heart-warming initiative, one that gives its makers a head start attaining economic and social independence by expanding their abilities and by creating new markets for their goods. Handmade by a Peruvian women's fair-trade cooperative.

The hats are made of alpaca, wool and acrylic yarn. Each hat measures about 1.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches high. They are sold as a set of six.

You can also make your own hat ornaments for the tree or even to top a gift bottle or jar by using this pattern.

4. Knitted Sweater Christmas Ornament

These mini sweater ornaments are so cute you'll want to leave up the tree all winter. I can just picture a little tree filled with sweaters, hats and gloves. Perfect for an entry way or laundry room. You can purchase sweaters that are personalized, celebrating your favorite professional or college sports team or those that fit your decorating color scheme.

And, if you're handy and have lots of leftover yarn you can make your own with this free pattern.

5. Kurt Adler Winter Clothing Clothesline Garland

Kurt Adler has created a 6.6 foot long Winter Clothing Garland as a fun, festive way to add to your holiday decor. In this cute red and white felt design, various pieces of winter wear, like cozy sweaters and warm fuzz ball hats, hang from miniature clothespins on a white string garland. It will look great on a tree or draped under the mantle or cabinets.

6. Santa Pants Gift and Treat Bags

What better way to wrap a gift than in Santa's big red pants and black suspenders! These cute treat bags are nine inches wide and 11 1/2-inches high. The red felt pants have a black vinyl belt and faux fur cuffs. Not quite as luxurious as Santa's velvet suit but pretty close!

These are great filled with sweet treats for little ones, or small gifts for under the tree or filled with homemade goodies for a teacher or friend. You'll receive a set of six treat bags.

7. Santa's Clothesline Christmas Garland

This clothesline garland features a country Santa's favorite clothes in plaids and ginghams. The 43-inch garland is made of real clothesline rope and the clothes are attached with miniature clothespins. Perfect for a mantel or tree, Santa has some great looking clothes!

8. Wool Dryer Balls

If you like to save a bit of money on your utility costs, you can toss in a few wool felted dryer balls to every load. Whether you buy premade Woolzies or make your own, a few of these will look great on any Christmas tree. Just add a ribbon for hanging and secure it with a corsage pin and you are ready to go. After the holidays, just undo the ribbon and toss the balls back in the dryer!

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