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12 Christmas Crafts From The Laundry Room

Crafts for Kids


The laundry room is full of great supplies for kids to use for Christmas crafts. You'll be amazed at what you can use to keep little hands busy and having fun. And, you'll know that you are recycling and helping to keep your laundry room green.

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1. Clothespin Angel

Christmas Clothespin Angel

Old fashioned clothespins make the perfect starting point for a Clothespin Angel. These can be used to decorate packages, hang from the tree or make necklaces.

2. Clothespin Poinsettia

Christmas Clothespin Poinsettia

Poinsettias say "holidays" and why not make some that will last from year to year. They look great hanging from the tree, as a trivet or decorating packages.

3. Decorative Snow from Detergent

Make Snow from Detergent

If you live in warm climate with no snow, you can make your own for decoration. Just pour 2 cups of Ivory Snow flakes in a large bowl and add 1/2 cup water. Using an electric mixer, whip until soft peaks form.

The snow can be used to decorate windows, gingerbread houses, branches and ornaments. Dampen your hands first before decorating to keep the suds from sticking. The snow will dry in just a few hours and last for weeks indoors. To remove the soap, just add water and clean away!

NOTE: Detergent snow is not edible!

4. Detergent Bottle Snowman

Detergent Bottle Snowman Craft

This cute little fellow is made from a concentrated HE detergent bottle with the label removed. He even has his own hat! I added a scarf, trim to his hat and buttons. All can be easily glued on. A permanent marker was used to draw his face. I did punch holes in the bottle to insert the twig arms. You might need to help the kids with that part.

The snowman will look great when joined by his friends as a centerpiece or as an accent on a wreath. As I look at his plump shape, I can see a Santa or penguin. Just add a bit more felt trim and you'll have some great decorations!

5. Detergent Lid Bells

Detergent Lid Christmas Bell Craft

Take a look at your detergent bottle lids and imagine a bell. If the lids are not a color you like, spray paint the lids any color you want and give them time to dry completely. An adult should punch a single small hole in the top of each one.

Using yarn or a shimmer thread attach a jingle bell at the desired length, pull the string through the hole in the top of the cap and knot it so it won't slip through the hole. The outside of the bells can be decorated with stickers or glitter or foam cut-outs. You can also add a bow to the top. Then, just add an ornament hook through the knot to hang on the tree. Or, you can make a group of the bells to decorate a doorknob or wreath.

6. Greeting Card Holder With Clothespins

Clothespin Card Holder Craft
Holiday cards are so pretty and can remind us of our friends and family every day during the season. Make a simple holder using clothespins that you can enjoy from year to year. It can also be made to use year-round for school papers and memos.

7. Papier Mache Ornaments From Dryer Lint

Papier Mache Ornaments Craft
Papier mache can be used to make ornaments, snowmen and other decorations. Just let your imagination be your guide.

8. Peppermint Candy Wreath With Clothes Hanger

Candy Wreath Craft
This wreath looks great and makes a nice hostess gift. You can use other individually wrapped candies to change the look. I made one and added it to the top of a red-wrapped package instead of a bow!

9. Pine Cone Wreath With Clothes Hanger

Pine Cone Wreath Craft
Pine cone wreaths look great and bring the outside indoors. You can take a nature walk and gather cones and you'll have a reminder that will last for many years.

10. Santa's Footsteps

Make Santa's Footprints Craft

When Santa comes down the chimney or in the front door, he often leaves a trail of footsteps. Make your own with a pair of boots or shoes and baking soda. Lightly mist the bottom of the boots with water and dip into some baking soda that you've sprinkled in a flat tray. "Walk" across the room re-dipping boots as needed.

The good news is that baking soda is non-toxic, absorbs odors and can actually help clean your carpet and floors the next day!


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