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Detergent and Bleach Bottle Crafts

Why not introduce your kids to the laundry room by using detergent or bleach bottles for crafts. There's something for every season!

5 Kids Winter Crafts from the Laundry Room
Learn how to make five Kids Winter Crafts from the Laundry Room.

Detergent Bottle Craft Toy Carrier
Have the kids help you get organized with this detergent bottle toy carrier. They'll have fun decorating the carrier and you'll have a place for all those tiny toys and pieces.

Halloween Fun
Fun ideas for Halloween straight from the laundry room.

Make Exercise Weights from Laundry Detergent Bottles
How to make dumbbells or exercise weights from laundry detergent and bleach bottles.

Piggy Banks - How to Make a Piggy Bank Video - About.com
Teach kids to save money with this fun bleach bottle piggy bank.

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