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How to Wash and Disinfect Sick Bed Laundry

Protect Your Family


When someone is ill, they feel miserable and having a nice clean bed can bring some comfort. But you also want to protect the rest of your family from catching the flu or virus. Learn how to disinfect laundry and remove stains that can come along with illness.

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1. Handling Sick Bed Linens

Learn the best type of bed sheets to use for someone who is sick and how to handle the laundry chores.

2. Cornell University Study on Disinfecting Laundry

Cornell University completed an extensive study on the best ways to disinfect your home laundry without great expense or ruining your clothes.

3. How to Remove Liquid Medicine Stains

Added flavors and colors make taking liquid medicines more appealing but they also leave stains. Learn how to get them out.

4. How to Remove Greasy Ointment Stains

Ointments and salves can soothe a stuffy noise or help a wound to heal. Learn how to get out the stains they may leave behind on the sheets.

5. How to Remove Vomit, Urine and Feces Stains

Accidents happen. Take care of stains and germs with the proper laundry steps.

6. How to Remove Blood Stains

Treat blood stains as quickly as possible and they should be simple to remove by following some simple steps.

7. How to Disinfect Your Washer

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Your washer can harbor germs and bacteria and should be cleaned regularly. This is especially important if you use cold water for washing. Protect your family with some simple steps.

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