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5 Essentials for College Laundry


These five products will make your college laundry chores easier and more successful.

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1. Two Collapsible Hampers

Two hampers are a must for college laundry. By sorting your white and colored laundry in your dorm room, you'll save a great deal of time when you get to the laundry room. Collapsible hampers are great space savers for those few times you have no laundry to do!
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2. Mesh Bag

If you don't like a collapsible hamper, get a mesh laundry bag. This will allow your dirty laundry to get some air and not mildew before you get around to doing it.

But the more essential mesh bag is one for washing small items. If you put all of your socks in a mesh laundry bag and tie it shut, you can wash them together and never lose a sock. The bag also works well for delicate bras and underwear that should never go into a dryer. The mesh bag makes them easy to find. You'll find a million uses.

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3. Detergent

I'm sure that you use a favorite laundry detergent at home. You may want to continue using it to keep that familiar fresh laundry smell while you're away from home. But I would also suggest that you investigate laundry products that include a fabric softener and come in single use units. It is nearly impossible to carry multiple bottles to a laundry room.

Single use products are more costly but the convenience is unmatchable.

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4. Oxygen Bleach

Stains will happen. But don't reach for chlorine bleach unless you are experienced at doing laundry. Rely instead on oxygen-based bleach for removing stains. It is safe for all washable fabrics and you won't end up with mysterious spots on your clothing.
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5. Clothes Steamer

If you aren't comfortable or pleased about using an iron, get a clothes steamer. A travel size steamer is perfect for a dorm room. Hanging up your garment and running a steamer over it will take out nearly every wrinkle.
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