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International Laundry Care Symbols

How to Wash, Bleach, Dry, Iron and Dry Clean Clothes Symbols


The laundry care symbols on clothing and linen labels provide important information on how to take care of your investment. These labels are mandated by the government to identify the fiber content of the fabric and provide care instructions.

Most manufacturers recommend a conservative treatment of the fabric to ensure the best results for the consumer. For instance, some fabrics that are labeled as dry clean can be hand washed. This is why it is important to note the fiber content and learn more so you can make an informed laundry decision.

The international community uses basic symbols for washing, drying, bleaching, ironing and dry cleaning. Once you learn the basic shapes, interpreting the rest is pretty simple.

Specific questions? Just ask here.

How to Wash Clothes Symbols

How to Wash Clothes Laundry Symbols

These will tell you how to wash - or not to wash - the garment including water temperature and cycle selection.

How to Bleach Clothes Symbols

How to Bleach Clothes Laundry Symbols

Bleach symbols may not appear on every garment. But look for the triangular shape to help you select a type of bleach.

How to Dry Clothes Symbols

How to Dry Clothes Laundry Symbols

Overdrying is one of the harshest things we do to our laundry. Drying symbols help you select a cycle type and a temperature.

How to Iron Clothes Symbols

How to Iron Clothes Laundry Symbols

Yes, some folks still iron! Look for the symbol to help you select a temperature and whether to use a dry iron or steam.

How to Dry Clean Clothes Symbols

How to Dry Clean Clothes Laundry Symbols

A dry clean only symbol can save you a great deal of heartache and money. There are also very specific dry cleaning symbols that your dry cleaner will understand in selecting cycles and chemicals for the job.

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