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How to Do Laundry to Reduce Indoor Allergies


How you handle your laundry can greatly affect indoor allergies. Here are some tips that will help you reduce allergens.

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1. Prevent and Remove Mold and Mildew Growth

The prevention and removal of mold and mildew is important whether in your laundry room or on clothes.

The good news is you can use natural white distilled vinegar to clean mildew growth and there is help to remove stains. There are also products to remove musty smells that remain and even those that inhibit mildew growth on fabrics.

2. Control Dust Mites

Dust mites and their droppings are known allergens. And, they are found most prominently in bed linens. Learn how to control dust mites by handling laundry correctly.

3. Keep Laundry Appliances Clean

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Clean your washer and dryer frequently to prevent allergy problems. Washers - especially front-loading models - can harbor mold and mildew. And, the dryer is full of dust and lint that will not only make you sneeze but can cause a fire.

4. Use Fragrance and Dye Free Detergent

By using laundry detergents that are free of dyes and fragrances, you will reduce chances of contact dermatitis and chemical sensitivity. Some scents can also cause asthma attacks.

5. Handle Bed Linens Correctly

We spend a huge part of our day in the bedroom so keeping bed linens clean and dust free is particularly important for those with allergies. Learn how to care for everything from mattress pads to pillows to quilts.

One tip to help reduce allergies is to use your clothes dryer rather than hang lines outside where they are exposed to pollen.

6. Care for Pet Bedding Correctly

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Pet dander can cause allergy problems. So taking care of pet bedding correctly is important not only for the health of the animal but your health as well.

7. Handle Outdoor Clothing Correctly

Outdoor allergens come in the house on our clothes - pollen, chemicals and dust come home with us. Learn how to remove those problems in the laundry. One suggestion is to shed your clothing in the mud room or garage to prevent allergens coming into the living area.

8. Skip the Clothesline

While most of us love the scent and feel of clothes dried in the sunshine, those clothes and linens also bring in allergens during high pollen count days. If you suffer from outdoor allergens, skip the clothesline and opt for an indoor drying rack or use the dryer.
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