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How to Wash Military Uniforms

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How to Wash Military Uniforms

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The uniforms our military men and women wear are a symbol of their hard work in protecting our county. Other than dress uniforms, everyone's daily uniform is subjected to oil, grease, dirt and normal wear and tear. If you are in charge of military laundry duty at your house, remember that Advanced Combat Uniforms should never be laundered in detergents that contain optical brighteners.

While great for those of us who want to look our brightest, the chemicals in detergents that brighten colors can make the Advanced Combat Uniform stand out to the enemy - even at night. That's the last thing you want in a battle zone, in simulations or war games training. Night vision gear can pick up the optical brighteners very easily.

This is one time it is better to have our loved ones fade into the background. Many green detergents do not contain optical brighteners. Read labels carefully.

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